Holiday Apartment Cape Town
holiday apartment Cape Town
self-catering holiday accommodation Clifton, Cape Town
Discovering the wine country around Cape
(and other outdoor activities)
W hen we arrived at the apartment in Cape Town, we expected to start doing the usual Ďholidayí things like sunbathe on Clifton Beach or visit the local markets. In fact, thatís what we did for the first couple of days. Then, looking for a change, we remembered the ĎUseful Things To Do Around Cape Towní booklet that you left for us in the holiday apartment. Iím glad we did that because truly thereís so much to see outside Cape Town. We decided to make wine our theme.

Trip from Cape Town rental apartment
We were really impressed with Vergelegen (
It took just 50 minutes on Route N2 from the Clifton apartment to reach the Vergelegen Estate in Somerset West. We loved the beautifully restored old homestead with its antique furniture. But best of all was the tour of the winery, set high on a hill with spectacular views towards Table Bay. I can recommend Vergelegenís outdoor restaurant, where we had an excellent lunch. After that, we bought some of their fine local wines so that we could enjoy them back in Cape Town in the holiday apartment.

From Cape Town rental apartment to Stellenbosch vineyards
A couple of days later we took your advice again to visit Spier (, in Stellenbosch, also about a 45 minute ride from Cape Town, this time taking route M12. Itís a beautiful wine region and we could have spent days there, just walking around and tasting their fine wines.

In fact, during our 10-day South African holiday, we stayed far less time in the holiday apartment in Cape Town than we had supposed. The reason was that we kept going back to Spier, firstly to see the Cheetah Outreach programme and the free-ranging cheetahs, then to learn all about Eagles at Eagle Encounters, and finally to go horse-riding on some of the many trails.

Great views from rental apartment patio, Cape Town
Even though we were out quite a lot, we still enjoyed your holiday apartment in Cape Town, which met all our expectations. It was very comfortably furnished and we loved the large patio with its great views of the Clifton coastline and the sea. Itís definitely an address that weíll save for future use.
Peggy and Joachim Huisman
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Personal Notes

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