Holiday Apartment Cape Town
holiday apartment Cape Town
self-catering holiday accommodation Clifton, Cape Town
We loved the street market
experience in Cape Town
S ometimes, holiday plans just fall into place without you having to do a lot of effort. Thatís the way it was with us when Maurice and I decided to spend our annual holiday in the South African sun. I think it was through friends that we found out about your holiday apartment in Cape Town. We were looking for a holiday property next to the beach so it was great to find the Talia apartment located just above Clifton First Beach. We didnít know about the South-Easter wind so it was very lucky to find out that your place was sheltered by the mountains!

Holiday apartment in Cape Town
I donít have any experience of holiday apartments to rent in Cape Town, but I must say that yours was excellent value - modestly priced and with all the facilities to ensure a happy holiday. Twice we had a barbeque on the large patio and the evening views out to sea, with the setting sun, were simply unforgettable.

Street market near holiday apartment, Cape Town
If you ask me to mention one thing that caught our attention more than anything else in South Africa, it was the various street markets. We found out about them from the guide that you left us in the Cape Town holiday apartment. One of the best is Green Point Market, situated in the car park outside the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Itís a happy, alive place where somethingís always going on. Our son Ryan was happy to get a free drumming lesson from a local expert.

Cape Town crafts near holiday apartment
We found lots of lovely and exotic crafts, offered at low bargain prices. The quality is not great, but then, what do you expect? It was nice to experience the sounds and bustle of authentic South Africa. The local food was good too, especially the Boerewors Roll, a hotdog using the traditional South African sausage. We also visited the V&A Waterfront, Greenmarket Square and markets in Kirstenbosch and Hout Bay.

Beautiful view from holiday apartment, Cape Town
It was quite tiring to run around all those markets, so we were grateful to be able to retreat to our holiday apartment and just watch the beautiful Cape Town coastline from our patio, especially in the evening with a drink in hand.

Sun, sea, good entertainment and comfortable beds - what more would anyone want from a holiday apartment in Cape Town?

Rina and Maurice Oldfield
Manchester, UK
Personal Notes

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