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holiday apartment cape town
holiday apartment cape town
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Rovos Rail, Cape Town

holiday apartment cape town
They say that traveling is sometimes better than arriving. Nowhere is this truer than for the Rovos Rail connection between Cape Town and Pretoria, a distance of 1460 kilometers. It’ll take you just 1 hour 38 minutes by jet, or two days by Rovos Rail. This is a luxury 1920s-era train that covers the distance in a much slower and more leisurely old fashioned way. Since you want to spend a couple of days outside your holiday apartment in South Africa, which mode of transportation would you prefer?

holiday apartment cape town
One of the joys of discovering an enterprise like Rovos Rail is knowing that not everything has been lost to modernity and speed. Rovos Rail is an independently owned rail service that was created by a visionary called Rohan Vos. He and his team hunted down old railway coaches from the 1920s and onwards and restored them into a glorious old world glamour. He also did the same with old steam engines that pull the train on some of the journey.

Take the Deluxe suite for example (which can be quite a contrast to your Cape Town holiday apartment). Three of these will fit in a single carriage - so imagine the space you have! You get quite a ‘wow’ on entering, not only because of a sense of the past but also because of the size and layout. The double bed is huge and stretches right across the suite. It’s placed quite high so it’s fabulous to loll in bed and watch the passing scenery through the window. You suite comes with a table, two chairs, shower cubicle, wash basin and toilet.

holiday apartment cape town
When you’re fed up with your bedroom you can waltz over to the public areas - one lounge in the centre of the train has large sofas and comfy chairs, with drinks and nibbles all day. The trip from Cape Town to Pretoria takes two nights and must be one of the best times that you’ll spend away from your holiday apartment!

The food on the train is excellent, with huge breakfasts and lunches and dinners with set menus (but 3-4 main courses to choose from). Service is of 1920s quality. There are several opportunities to get off the train each day for a short stop. One place is Maijesfontein (an old refueling and stocking town from the 1880s which had an interesting travel museum). Another place is Kimberley, where you can see the famous ‘Big Hole’ from which all the diamonds came.

Rovos Rail Cape Town
Tel: 021 421 4020
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