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holiday apartment cape town
holiday apartment cape town
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Cape Whale Route

holiday apartment cape town
The Western Cape is the southern tip of Africa where two of the world's greatest oceans converge. Since your holiday apartment is in Cape Town, which is part of the Western Cape, you are ideally placed at one of the most exciting land-based whale watching venues in the world!

The coastal waters of the Western Cape provide unsurpassed whale watching opportunities between August and November as each year Southern Right whales migrate there to calve and nurse their young. You can see the whales just meters from the shore. Between May and December you may also spot Humpback whales, while Bryde's whales can be seen slightly further offshore all year round. In fact you can often see the whales from the balcony of the Talia holiday apartment in Clifton, Cape Town.

holiday apartment cape town
The places from which to observe these gentle giants are on the Cape West Coast, all the way from Lamberts Bay to Cape Town. Particular viewing stations can be Saldanha Bay and Yzerfontein. Also seek points around the Peninsula and in False Bay, where whales frolick in the protected waters. We reckon that if your base is your holiday apartment in Cape Town, you may not wish to venture further than that.

For our holiday apartment guests in Cape Town here is a short explanation of what whales typically do:

Blowing: A sound made when expelling air through the blowhole (i.e normal breathing).

Breaching: Leaping out of water in an arching back flip and falling back on their sides or back with a resounding slap. Believed to be a means of communication or exercise.

Lobtailing: Loud slapping of flukes and tail on the water. Believed to be a means of communication.

Spy hopping: The head and body are lifted vertically, as far as the flippers, above the surface. This lets them see what is happening around them above water.

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