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holiday apartment cape town
holiday apartment cape town
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Township Tours, Cape Town

holiday apartment cape town
There’s so much glitz and finery in Cape Town that from the comfort of your holiday apartment you may not realize where most of the city’s workers still live - it’s in the Townships that surround the main city.

For this reason a Township Tour is highly recommended to give you a ‘reality check’ on the true conditions existing here. Townships were created as living areas for non-whites under the old political system of Apartheid and are still home to a large percentage of Cape Town's population today. Most of the townships are concentrated in the area known as the Cape Flats which lie to the east of Table Mountain.

holiday apartment cape town
Prepare to spend about half a day on a walking tour, to include a visit to a school, orphanage, community center, shebeen (pub) and a traditional healer. As one of our holiday apartment guests mentioned recently: “Even though you’ll see difficult circumstances and poor living conditions, the township is where you genuinely sense the optimism of the South African people. They’re happy to host you.”

Even though you can make the trip from your holiday apartment on your own, we’d recommend that you join a guided tour of the Cape Town townships. This is the way to gain a true and diverse experience of these places and the people who live in them.

Also take the opportunity to visit the District 6 Museum, a heritage project that records the various forms of forced removals of local populations that occurred in District 6, in the larger city of Cape Town and in other parts of South Africa.

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