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holiday apartment cape town
holiday apartment cape town
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Cape Point

holiday apartment cape town
About 60 kilometers south of Cape Town, at the tip of the Cape Peninsular, you’ll find Cape Point. If these rocks could talk they’d tell you of the countless ships that have been wrecked off its treacherous cliffs. It’s an imposing and dramatic place, well worth the two-hour trip from your holiday apartment.

Cape Point has many attractions. Firstly there’s the majestic and dramatic scenery with its high cliffs and deep swirling oceans (this is the place, after all, where the cold Beguela current on the West coast merges with the warm Agulhus current on the East coast).

holiday apartment cape town
Inside Cape Point’s nature reserve you’ll find a variety of animals including buck, baboons and Cape Mountain Zebra as well as over 250 species of birds and indigenous flora that is found nowhere else in the world. Take a scenic drive, stop at one of the many picnic spots and tidal pools and travel to the Lighthouse lookout by funicular or on foot for spectacular views.

When it’s time for lunch, try the Two Oceans Restaurant - a great place to eat outside Cape Town. The restaurant is uniquely positioned perched high above the crashing waves of False Bay. It has a reputation for some of the Cape’s best seafood dishes, even better perhaps than you’ve eaten at places close to your holiday apartment.

If you time your visit right, you can enjoy your meal while admiring the view from the top of Cape Point, one of the best views of Coastal Southern Africa.

Cape Point Info Centre
Tel: 021 780 9010/11
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