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Holiday apartment Cape Town
Holiday apartment Cape Town
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Moyo at Spier, Cape Town Region

The winelands near Stellenbosch are spectacular and an essential place to include on your Cape Town holiday apartment ‘visit list’. The beautiful countryside and the vast vineyards are enough to stimulate anybody’s appetite, and the Moyo Restaurant is perfectly located.

Holiday apartment Cape Town
Moyo is an enormous outdoor restaurant on the Spier wine estate near Stellenbosch. It will take you around an hour or so to travel the 50 kms from your holiday apartment in Cape Town to this spot. But the trip is worth it. Moyo has a striking setting, amazing food and wonderful entertainment – all of which work together to give you a wonderful holiday experience.

Imagine a massive African buffet with all kinds of different foods on offer - steaks (beef, gemsbok, ostrich and more), game meat, potjies (several), salads (several), fish, breads, calamari, various chicken dishes, various kinds of boerewors, stacks of vegetables and of course a good dessert buffet. All this delicious and well-presented food makes Moyo a mouth watering treat.

In contrast to the restaurants around your holiday apartment in Cape Town, this place is a totally different South African experience. You’ll be seated in Bedouin tents of various sizes that are sprawled over the large area. There’s the main tent, private tents (book early to get one of these) and even tables located in tree houses.

The evening entertainment is some of the best you’ll find in the Cape Town area. There are roving bands of musicians and singers serenading tables and live music, plus dancing and shows in the main tent. Certainly the place to leave your holiday apartment for!

R310 Lynedoch Road
Western Cape Winelands
Tel: 021 809 1133

Note: This information serves as a general guide only. We suggest that you check out each recommended restaurant on the Internet first, look at the recent comments that diners have posted and then decide if this place is worthy of your custom. The Gastronomy section is offered as a public service by the owner of the Talia holiday apartment above Clifton’s First Beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

Talia holiday accommodation has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with twin beds. It is equipped with all the comforts expected in quality holiday accommodation and has a large patio with breathtaking sea views. The beach below is sheltered from the constant SE winds. Holiday accommodation at Talia, positioned at an ideal spot along the coastline, provides the best quality-price value that one can find in Cape Town.
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