Holiday Apartment Cape Town
Holiday apartment Cape Town
Holiday apartment Cape Town
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Beluga, Green Point, Cape Town

“Excellent”, “divine”, “not to be missed” - these are some of the comments that our holiday apartment guests have made about their experiences at the Beluga Restaurant in the Green Point area of Cape Town. It is indeed a special place.

Holiday apartment Cape Town
The Foundry used to be one of Cape Town’s oldest metal works. Some time ago the owners of Beluga bought the wonderful 100 year old red-brick building and converted it into Beluga, a modern and stylish restaurant frequented by many holiday visitors and local house and apartment owners.

Inside the restaurant’s large dining area you’ll find the best of new cooking - plenty of robust flavours, interesting ingredients and generous portions - together with a warm welcome and fine service. Try the Chermoula spiced springbok loin, the Fillet of Beef Rossinni or the Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake.

For many holiday apartment guests, this Cape Town restaurant is the place for a special night out. It’s the ideal venue for functions of any kind, from an intimate party for 10 friends to a formal gathering for 200 or more.

The Foundry
Prestwich Street
Green Point
Cape Town
Tel: 021 418 2948/9

Note: This information serves as a general guide only. We suggest that you check out each recommended restaurant on the Internet first, look at the recent comments that diners have posted and then decide if this place is worthy of your custom. The Gastronomy section is offered as a public service by the owner of the Talia holiday apartment above Clifton’s First Beach in Cape Town, South Africa.

Talia holiday accommodation has two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with twin beds. It is equipped with all the comforts expected in quality holiday accommodation and has a large patio with breathtaking sea views. The beach below is sheltered from the constant SE winds. Holiday accommodation at Talia, positioned at an ideal spot along the coastline, provides the best quality-price value that one can find in Cape Town.
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