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holiday apartment Cape Town
Activities Nearby
When youíre staying at the Talia holiday apartment next to Clifton Beach, there are many activities you can do in the wider Cape Town area. Here are some suggestions.
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hiking around Cape Town Walking and Hiking
Cape Town is surrounded by mountains and forests, making walking and hiking trips a great pleasure. In almost any direction, youíll find stunning South African scenery with waterfalls and ravines. None of it is far from your holiday apartment.
water sports on Clifton Beach Watersports
Itís hard to resist the choice of water sports that await you on Cape Town's beaches. These include surfing, windsurfing, kyaking and kite-surfing. The coastline is dotted with reefs, caves, exotic fish and many shipwrecks, which makes for some very interesting scuba diving.
paragliding over Clifton Beach Paragliding
If you feel like being a little more adventurous, why not try paragliding? Newcomers can start with a tandem glide. Itís a fantastic experience, seeing the Atlantic and the magnificent South African coastline from this angle. Lions Head is the place to paraglide for views over Clifton and Camp's Bay.
golfing near Table Mountain, Cape Town Golfing
No matter which golf course you choose around Cape Town, you can be assured of excellent playing conditions and beautiful surroundings. An example is the Atlantic Beach Golf Course, where you have sweeping views across Table Bay towards Table Mountain.
boat trips off Cape Town shore Boat Trips and Charters
Spending a day on a boat that follows the Cape Town coastline around Clifton and Camp's Bay is an extremely popular activity. The Cape Peninsula has so much to see: whales and seals, spectacular scenery and abundant birdlife. Scenic cruises and harbour trips depart from the V&A Waterfront daily.
nightlife in Cape Town Nightlife
For nightlife activities youíll need to go to Camps Bay where there are many bars and restaurants. Luckily thatís only two kilometers from your Clifton holiday apartment. Alternatively you could continue to the Waterfront district in Cape Town (10 km) where the choice of restaurants, bars and clubs is even greater.
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